Thione Niang
February 9, 2018

Modu Seye

International Fitness Trainer & Founder

Moduvated Fitness Club

Modu Seye has turned his passion for fitness into a thriving global business. An international fitness trainer to some of the world’s recognized celebrities and influencers and a consultant to renowned resorts and hotels, Modu’s personal and business successes can be attributed to his positive mindset, work ethic, and coming from adversity.

A native of Senegal, West Africa, Modu started his journey in Omaha, Nebraska, as an international student. Despite many struggles, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and his Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems. After graduation, Modu landed a job as a programmer and was also a professional model who represented brands. A few years into his IT career, he took a big risk, abandoned his high-paying job, and moved to Los Angeles, California, in the pursuit of his dreams and passions. A little while after that, he launched his own sports clothing line and protein supplements and founded Moduvated Fitness Club. In a matter of time, Modu has built the brand to a powerful global brand and helps people live a healthy life through fitness programs, nutrition, and wellness. His company also consults and designs gyms for other fitness groups and partners.

Modu understands the importance of improving child wellbeing to creating a better society, and he organizes sports activities that focus on the betterment of youths and kids as well as supporting orphanages.

Modu Seye lives in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with his son and business partner, Abdul Seye, and he has recently been recognized as a person of influence in the city for making an impact in the community.

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