Claudia Koerbler
February 9, 2018
Brittany Johnson
February 9, 2018

Buey Tut

Executive Director


Buey Ray Tut was born to a South Sudanese father and Ethiopian mother (Workenish Admasu). At age 8, Buey’s father was imprisoned for his political participation in Ethiopia. Upon his father's release, Buey’s family was granted entry into the United States on immigrant status. Buey attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where he served as captain of the speech and debate team and vice president of the student body. Buey graduated with a degree in Political Science. In 2011, Buey and his childhood friend, Jacob Khol, founded Aqua-Africa to provide access to clean drinking water to South Sudanese people. As of 2017, Buey has grown the organization to provide access to clean drinking water for over 20,000 people. Buey’s professional career has included positions such as team leader for the Boy Scouts of America, trustee for the Omaha Library Board, and trustee for the South Sudan Community Association. Buey hopes to return to South Sudan in the near future to pursue development in the private sector. Currently, Buey is serving as the executive director of Aqua-Africa. His extracurricular activities include running, writing, performing stand-up comedy, and watching Star Trek.
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